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SATIS-Screen4All Awards 2019



Journalists from MediaKwest and Sonovision selected 8 products and services for a prize, along with 3 Coups de Coeur and an innovative integration project.



Production & Filming


- LORA POPCAST / LORA SOLUTIONS: a ready-to-use production server allowing you to build your LIVE with simple and pre-configured tools.


- PXW FX 9 / SONY: a 6K Full Frame shoulder camera with E-mount with 4 audio channels, the first in its category.


- Coup de Coeur: A32 DANTE / FERROFISH: Ferrofish A32 DANTE router converter is the all-rounder for professional audio. It converts between analog, MADI, ADAT and DANTE/AES67 formats with an integrated router.



• Postproduction


- INSIDE / IMMERSIVE WAYS: a software for creating immersive experiences in 360° video and virtual reality.


- LIVE SCHEDULE / NEWSBRIDGE: a tool that allows you to schedule the recording of video contribution streams in real time from a web browser. The functionality targets both specific needs (sports, events, conferences...) and recurring needs (news, media-monitoring, contribution...).


Coup de Coeur: LA CIE RUGGED PRO / LA CIE: The Rugged SSD Pro combines the spectacular speed of the Seagate FireCuda NVMe SSD with the Thunderbolt 3 interface, for speeds five times faster than traditional SATA SSDs, allowing you to view and render the most demanding high-speed RAW content, such as 6K, 8K source files and Super Slow-Motion.



Broadcast & Delivery


- TELOS INFINITY IP INTERCOM / TELOS ALLIANCE: the first intercom system without a centralized matrix to add plug-and-play hardware and software easily, without ever worrying about exceeding the number of available ports, as usual on a centralized matrix.


- PIXOTOPE / FUTURE GROUP: a virtual studio and augmented reality solution for broadcast and events using the latest generation of Epic's Unreal Engine 4 3D graphics engine.


- GREEN MACHINE HDR EVIE / LYNX TECHNIK: the first system in the world to use powerful revolutionary algorithms for automatic analysis of the content of a video image and the application of optimal corrections, in real time and frame by frame.


Coup de Coeur: STREAM LIVE / ATEN: an AV mixer for live streaming, designed for high quality streamers.



• Services


- RF by EUROMEDIA: the first global live transmission of long-distance HF in 4K-HDR. A major first technique that prefigures what tomorrow's long-distance HF UHD coverage will be (Olympic Games/Tour de France).




• Project


Integration of the BTS Audiovisuel Henri-Martin de Saint-Quentin


By moving from SD to IP, the Henri Martin Audiovisual BTS foreshadows what an Audiovisual BTS should be in the future, a hybrid architecture open to the future.

This unique and ambitious project was carried out by BCE and made possible thanks to the perseverance of the BTS management team and teachers. The equipment and infrastructure have been thoroughly renovated, with an IP architecture and an interconnection between the equipment allowing access to the media from any room.

The philosophy of the ensemble is based on a hybrid SDI and SMPTE 2110 architecture with a six-channel EVS server in the nodal area, the channels being shared between the two control rooms of the two platforms. The main set includes a fixed control room with a 64 x 64 SDI grid and a 2110 SMPTE IP network, the EVS server is native 2110, the mixer and multiviewer are hybrid. The other equipment is only SDI (cameras, computer graphics...). IP/SDI converters allow flows to be exchanged between the two worlds.




Among the 58 products competing for SATIS-Screen4ALL Awards 2019, public voting on Internet awarded for each of our 4 categories, the following products and services:



Production & Filming


- ORBITER / ARRI: the first ultra bright and versatile LED point source with a wide range of optical accessories


- X GESTORE KINO / B-A INSTRUMENTS: a 16 channel HD/UHD/8K ingest machine for capturing and broadcasting from SDI, IP, NDI, files and Internet streams.


- NDI 4 / NEWTEK: Newtek's NDI version 4 offers new features that make network video production even more efficient and fast, including the ability to record an unlimited number of NDI video channels in perfect sync.



• Postproduction


- XTREAMSTORE BACKPACK / B-A INSTRUMENTS: XSTREAMSTORE universal production servers have been developed to achieve optimal performance, while having an advanced data protection system. Its intuitive interface allows for simple and reliable access management. The hardware redundancy at the base of the hardware guarantees high availability of the whole system.


- ADN PLAY / JL MORIZUR ENGINEERING: an adaptive player dedicated to remote production.



Broadcast & Delivery


- SPARK PLUS / NEWTEK: The new NewTek HDMI-NDI high-speed IP video converter connects any video equipment and makes it instantly available as an NDI-compatible video source over a network with a resolution of up to 4K/30P with built-in audio (Embedded).


- DANTE DOMAINE MANAGER 1.1: a software solution to secure your Aoip networks by user profiles and rights.



• Services


- KILL THE TAPE / KILL THE TAPE: With only one tool, share, archive, distribute your films up to 50 years old WITHOUT SUBSCRIPTION


- PROTECT & STREAM / JL MORIZUR ENGINEERING: A real-time encryption solution for IP flows (audio, video, control network, etc.), PROTECT & STREAM integrates INES by JLME technology.