5 & 6 Novembre 2019

La Plaine-Saint-Denis
Docks de Paris
Grand Paris

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360 Film Festival



As the content-focused event of SATIS-Screen4All, the 360 Film Festival promotes professional networking and content visibility in virtual reality, augmented reality, and large formats (3D mapping, dome projection, 360° screen, etc.). An exceptional showcase where visitors can learn about immersive media and their potential for creation and storytelling!


The 360 Film Festival’s fourth edition continues to innovate, giving out new awards and highlighting not only authors but also technique, which other festivals often overlook.


This new strategy is in line with SATIS’ goal to recognize creation and innovation!




Experiences in VR, AR, and large formats that tell engaging stories with a high level of technical performance were presented and rewarded at last year’s SATIS-Screen4ALL, at the Docks de Paris on November 5 and 6, 2018.


Content in the 2019 official selection will run for one of the new awards:








Producers, Directors, show your creations!


Whether you produced fiction, documentary, escape game, corporate, interactive art experience, 3D mapping, 360° projection, live show, AR Apps...


Join the international milestone competition of

360 Film Festivals' 4th edition,

The Immersive Festival!


To submit, go on one of the two platforms below.


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 Download the Rules here. 








In 2018, the 360 Film Festival’s third edition featured over 85 creations selected from over 130 submissions from 22 countries.


As spring rolls in, we are taking a look back at the 2018 winners - selected by a jury presided by Jan Kounen - and letting you know what they have been up to since. 


360 Film Festival award - FICTION category



by Béla Baptiste 

ViennaFX - VR - 2018 - Autria


The Jury was impressed by its clever concept and its use of 3D sound, inviting viewers to rewatch the film and see different stories.


Sehsüchte Internationales Studierendenfestival

* WON Best 360° Film *



VIS Vienna Shorts

Victoria Film Festival

River Film Festival


Landshut Short Film Festival





by Angel Manuel SOTO

RYOT - VR - 2018 - USA


The jury saluted the film’s outstanding storytelling and use of VR, tight artistic direction, originality, and acting.


VR Arles (France)

* WON Jury’s Favourite award *


Raindance Film Festival

* WON Best Cinematic Narrative VR Experience *


VR Days Europe (Halo Awards) (Netherlands)

* WON the Gold Award for Cinematic category *


Fantasia Festival VR (Canada)



Mediakwest Prize



by Frédéric Purjal

ArtOfCorner – VR/Interactive – 2018 – France


The jury was impressed by the total immersion in the artist’s studio, the incredible quality of the 3D scans, and the viewer’s freedom of movement around the studio. 


Since the 360 Film Festival, ArtOfCorner has received significant coverage. In an article published by Intel in January 2019, ArtOfCorner founder and CEO Frédéric Purgal, a specialist of volumetric and photogrammetric VR, reveals the secrets of Bourdelle’s pilot version. From filming to screening, the article presents all the steps involved in the project, as well as its potential for wider applications in terms of techniques and markets.


L’Atelier Bourdelle was presented at Laval Virtual 2019 for the second year running.

360 Film Festival award – Art category



by Melodie Mousset

Self-produced – VR/Interactive – 2018 – Switzerland


The jury appreciated this creative and original game using VT and outstanding technical aspects.


The interactive game created by Mélodie Mousset’s imagination keeps taking audiences by surprise. It has been selected in many festivals, and has received accolades such as a Special Mention at Laval Virtual 2019.


The experience can be discovered at:

* Rio2C – April 23 to 28, 2019 *

* Roehrs & Boetsch Gallery – June 17 to July 1, 2019 *

* Gastraume 2019 – June 8 to September 1, 2019 * 

* VR Arles – June 1 to August 25, 2019 *

* L.E.V. MATADERO 2019 – October 17 to 20, 2019 *

* Centre Culturel Suisse – starting October 25, 2019 *


LABO_Aoc_BIS.jpg   Hanahana.jpg

Special Prize


Dans la peau de Thomas Pesquet - Partie 2

by Pierre-Emmanuelle Le Goff and Jürgen Hansen

La Vingt-Cinquième Heure – VR – 17’ – 2018 – France


The jury was struck by the experience’s technical prowess, immersion, storytelling, and image quality.


After its premiere at the 360 Film FestivalDans la peau de Thomas Pesquet has gone on to win the 2019 SMA Award for best immersive creation; it is now screened at MK2 VR and in the Eydolon network of VR spaces in Lyon and Bordeaux, and will soon be screened in China.


Production studio La Vingt-Cinquième Heure stays the course with VR, including with a Franco-Belgian film entitled Dans la peau d’un Shégué - directed by Marc-Henri Wajnberg, currently in post-production - that raises awareness of the issue of witch-children in the streets of Kinshasa by letting viewers see through their eyes. Other projects are also in production, including on topics such as space and the environment.


La Vingt-Cinquième Heure is committed to virtual reality and, with what we’ve seen so far, we’re looking forward to seeing their upcoming programs!



360 Film Festival Prize Music video


Ornette – Take your Time

by Bettina Kee

Self-produced – VR – 4’ – 2018 – France


The jury praised the inventiveness of this fun and refreshing video.


The Ornette fever didn’t stop with us; Take Your Time was selected in many international festivals, winning a number of awards:

* Mimo - Milano Mobile Film Festival * Winner *

* ARFF International Barcelona * Best Music Video * Winner *

* HOLLYWOOD NEW DIRECTORS * Honorable Mention * 

* Rome Prisma Independent Film Awards * Official Selection Best Music Video *

* Ausin Music Video Award * Official Selection VR *

* Hollywood women's Film Institute *

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