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Documentaire VR, l'oeil du téléspectateur 2016-11-24
(Mainly in English) VR gives artists new tools to tell stories differently, or to explore reality.
Le futur de la VR 2016-11-24
(Partly in English)This future-oriented talk will look at the next developments and at upcoming tools and applications.
VR et communication, un vrai média 360 2016-11-24
(Partly in English) The possibilities are endless, and the talk will present solutions from around the world.
Préparer et tourner en live 360 2016-11-24
(Mainly in French)Live filming requires making choices in terms of technical means and production workflows.
Les défis de la formation face à l'accélération du... 2016-11-24
(Mainly in French)The actual content of audio-visual and film training must also evolve to IT.
Conférence UNI-VR 2016-11-24
(Mainly in French) Presentation of Uni VR association
Métiers et business models de demain 2016-11-24
(Mainly in French) How to energize the relationship with French startup companies keep up with emerging business models?
Marché canadien de la VR 2016-11-24
(Mainly in French)Examples of achievements and businesses working in VR and AR in Quebec.
Storytelling & expérience 2016-11-24
(Mainly in French) VR means defining new forms of writing and production. What can it add compared to a traditional film?
360, la nouvelle prise de vue 2016-11-24
(Mainly in French)We will explore new products for 360° filming, and present the organization of a VR film set.
VR & Event museums, theme parks 2016-11-24
(Mainly in French)VR can be used to augment an experience, or as an attraction in itself.
Comment vendre les VFX français à l'étranger ? 2016-11-24
(Mainly in French) An overview of French VFX industry.
Comment financer la VR ? 2016-11-24
(Mainly in French)When producing fiction or documentary content, what sources of funding are available to producers?
Post-produire en VR, quels workflows ? 2016-11-24
(Mainly in French) The finalization of VR content remains difficult, whether in terms of image correction or purely creative decisions.
Audio 360 & VR 2016-11-24
(Mainly in French)This talk will present the technologies involved, from audio recording to playback.
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