Mediakwest magazine's Editorial Board awarded 7 products and services, also giving 3 "coups de cœur" favourite prizes to support the most innovative products and services showcased by exhibitors at the SATIS-Screen4All event this year.


Production & Filming

- "Coup de cœur" product: FS HDR by AJA Video Systems

- Awarded product: STUDIO HD 550 by Livestream and BOLERO by RIEDEL Communications International


• Postproduction

- "Coup de cœur" product: Elements by ELEMENT NAS

- Awarded product: MEDIA BACKBONE by Sony and ANEMAN by Merging Technologies


Distribution & Screening

- Awarded product: GREEN MACHINE by Lynx Technik and XDCAM AIR by Sony


• Services

- "Coup de cœur" service: NOMALAB

- Awarded service: Omnilive







Among the 36 products competing for SATIS-Screen4ALL Trophies 2017, public voting on Internet awarded for each of our 4 categories, the 2 following products and services:


Production & Filming

- [MANIETO] by Datanaute. The"Swiss army knife" of video control room is video recording and editing server.

- GRAPHITE by Ross Video. Graphite is a new "all-in-one" production system integrating "Carbonite" mixing capability and a one-channel motion graphics 3D XPression production system, along with a two-channel video-clips server and an advanced audio engine.


• Postproduction

- 3D Audio real-time mixing and postproduction software SPAT REVOLUTION by Flux.

- STORNEXT 6 storage platform by Quantum, a multi-level storage platform gathering Flash memories, hard drives, object storage, tapes and cloud.


Distribution & Screening

- Connect Spark HDMI&SDI by NewTek, an IP video converter that simply connects a camera or a video out port to make it available to other NDI commpatible softwares and systems over a network.

- GREEN MACHINE by Lynx Technik, a new video and audio processing platform.


• Services

- 100% IP installations for RTL City by BCE (Broadcasting Center Europe), managing 35 TV and radio channels on 7 control rooms for customers all over Europe and Asia.

- LIGHTYSHARE, a collaborative platform for renting AV gears.

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