Winners 2018 !

The Jury, chaired by Jan Kounen, revealed his award winners at the SATIS night on Tuesday, November 6th. To award its 12 prizes, the jury evaluated the creativity of the storytelling, the technical quality and the comfort of the user experience.

Here are the creations that attracted attention among the 85 competing experiences.



Dinner Party of Angel Manuel SOTO, for its outstanding storytelling and use of VR, its tight artistic direction, its originality, and the actors’ performance.

Plot : a short virtual reality thriller that dramatizes the incredible story of Betty and Barney Hill, who in the 1960s reported the first nationally known UFO abduction case in the United States.

Produced by Skybound Entertainment and RYOT, VR, 13, 2018, United States



Dans la Peau de Thomas Pesquet – Partie 2 (Being Thomas Pesquet – part 2) of Pierre-Emmanuel Le Goff and Jürgen Hansen for its technical achievement, exceptional experience, storytelling, and image quality.

Plot : In his bedroon, a child comes out of the rocket built by his father. He falls asleep while gazing at stars with the dream to become an astronaut. This child goes by the nome of Thomas Pesquet. 30 yeas later, he takes us into his dream came true : fly into space and undertake a spacewalk in the interstellar vold.  

Produced by La Vingt-Cinquième Heure, VR, 17, 2018, France



Le Projet Bourdelle of Frédéric Purgal for its total immersion in the artist's studio, the incredible quality of the 3D scans, and the viewer's freedom of movement around the studio.

Descriptive : Le projet Bourdelle is a photorealistic 3D VR application between docu-fiction and a gamified virtual visit at the heart of the sculptor Bourdelle's studio. It proposes a hybrid narrative in which the public explores the place to discover the artist through a visual, sound, spatial and sensitive experience.

Produced by Art of Corner, VR/Interactive, 2018, France



Fluchtpunkt of Béla Baptiste for its clever concept and its use of 3D sound, inviting viewers to rewatch the film and see different stories.

Plot : This 360 ° audio-visual experience tells of four interwoven stories playing out simultaneously, inviting the viewer to decide where to look. Tonight is the great vernissage, the first major exhibition of the up-and-coming artist Carlotta Carlsen. While some young girls mock her work, the important buyer Karl-Heinz Sutheheim waits impatiently--what could be delaying the artist's arrival? She is stuck at home because her impulsive ex-boyfriend, Raul, has unexpectedly appeared to confront her. Their fight reaches its peak when, in the back alley, two robbers fleeing from the police see Carlotta's window as a ticket to freedom.

Produced by ViennaFX, VR, 6, 2018, Austria



Back to the Moon of Hélène Leroux & Fx Goby for the quality of its animation and experience, its magical story, and its references to Georges Méliès.

Plot : Back to the Moon celebrating the life and artistry of French illusionist and film director Georges Méliès.

Produced by Nexus Studio/Google Spotlight Stories, VR, 3, 2018, United States



The Real Thing de Benoit Felici et Mathias Chelebourg pour for its full immersion in surrealist cities as seen by their inhabitants. 

Plot : a VR journey into a copy of our world, exploring real-life stories inside China’s replicas of Paris, Venice and London.

Produced by Artline Films, DVgroup, Arte, VR, 15, 2018, France   



Journey of Gold of Jenn DUONG for its immersion at the heart of a Congolese gold mine, showing the daily lives of workers and their families.

Plot : Every day you may hold a piece of Congo in the palm of your hand. Gold is essential to the modern world, as it is used in everything from electronic devices to medical equipment. However, much of the gold in Congo is illegally mined and exported. Journey of Gold follows miners in Nyamurhale as they work to create a safe haven through the Bwenge Buchiza Project.

Produced by StoryUp XR, VR, 8, 2018, United States



Ornette – Take your Time of Bettina Kee for its innovative, fun and refreshing video.

Plot : In her music studio, Ornette, the singer, and her musicians are getting ready for the shooting of the last music video. Quiet on the set, last checks, "we're rolling and....ACTION!" Against all expectations everything goes wrong and the maintenance team comes in.

Self-produced, VR, 4', 2018, France



Le TROT of Raphael HADDAD for the quality of its direction and VR experience, and its high production value.

Plot : In order to promote trotting horse races, Digital Immersion and the racing company at Vincennes Racecourse in Paris, LeTrot, have teamed up to perform a trot race simulation.

Produced by Digital Immersion, VR, 3, 2018, France



HanaHana of Mélodie Mousset for its creative and original use of VR and its excellent technical quality.

Descriptive: Granted with the power to create hands, he/she can sprout hands, just like flowers, grow chains of hands and construct anything he can imagine. With persistence and multi-player features, players can connect from different locations all around the world and interact with each others through the network to participate in a larger collective piece of art.

Self-produced, VR/Interactive, 2018, Switzerland



Innovation World Of Josselin Colletta for its inventive portal and the quality of its user experience.

Descriptive: Teleport to the world of Eurovia innovations in augmented reality.

Produced by Black Euphoria, AR, 2018, France



Chapelle des Jésuites of Ludovic Burczykowski for its full use of the building, the quality of its storytelling, and its use of projection.

Descriptive: 3D Mapping done on the occasion of the inauguration of the Jesuit Chapel in Saint-Omer.

Produced by Les Rencontres Audiovisuelles, 3D Mapping, 14, 2017, France

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